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Jun 5, 2024

Share Your HopJoy: Meet John

Hi! I’m a trail gnome!What this means in practice is I'm a mountain biker who carries (some) trail tools with me – n...

May 30, 2024

Share your Hop Joy: Meet Kevin

Besides the obvious passions like being with my wife and children and hanging with my friends, my real hobby is wor...

May 16, 2024

Share Your Hop Joy: Meet Monica

My joy is the passion is to educate people in how to remain well when pursuing all of their outdoor a...

May 13, 2024

Share Your Hop Joy: Meet Steve!

I have always loved hoppy beer since before I was legally allowed to do so lol. And for me It was never about getting drunk or partying, I really truly love the hop aroma and flavor but with a big family and all these kids I don’t drink much beer anymore... The other passion I have recently came across within the last year is mycology. I don’t have much outdoor space in our townhome. I grow some Carolina Reaper peppers (hot sauce/peppers is another little passion of mine, but that can be saved for another day) and tomato plants every year, but with not a lot of space to grow much else and it being it’s a summer/fall hobby I wanted something else to get into. In looking for something else to capture my interest I came across an article about the health benefits of certain types of mushrooms.

May 1, 2024

Share Your Hop Joy - Meet Jesse

Last month we asked our Larky flock what they were passionate about and what brought them joy. We wanted to both conn...

Apr 29, 2024

Can We Hop It?

Check out Part 1-3 of our new series, Can We Hop It? Where we take various food and drink items, hop them and make me...

Apr 22, 2024

Hoppy Earth Day - Sustainability in Hop Farming

We all know and love hops as that magical plant that selflessly lends its delicious, aromatic power to the bubbly beverages which we imbue with them. Is there anything we can ever do to repay them for their generosity?!


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