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Why can't I log in to my account?

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Most likely your account wasn’t activated. Shoot us an email at support@hoptea.comand we’ll help you activate your account in no time!

Can I swap products?

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Yes! Login to your account and click "manage subscriptions". From there, select the product you'd like to swap and click edit--> product --> swap product. Choose from any available options and click "swap". That's it!

How do I change delivery frequency?

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Login to your account, go to Manage Subscriptions-->Product-->Delivery Schedule--> and select 2 or 4 weeks then click Update. Easy peasy. :)

I would like to change my shipdate.

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Login to your account. Go to Manage Subscriptions-->Product-->Next Charge Date-->Select a Date on the pop up calendarand click Update Next Shipment Date

Cancelling or pausing

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Login to your account. Go to Manage Subscriptions and choose to either Cancel or Edit the date of your next delivery to a later time.

Price Changes

Why did the prices recently change?

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Like many other companies, over the past several months, we have been experiencing an unprecendented increase in supply chain costs from ingredients, to packaging, to fuel costs. While we were able to keep prices the same up until this point, we needed to make these changes in order to offset these additional expenses.

What factors influence price?

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We are committed to delivering the most unique experiences, sourcing the best hops and teas from around the world from organic, non-GMO farms and brewing organic whole leaf tea and flowers. We also choose to use BPA-free cans because that’s important to us too. These are choices that make our product cost more, but taste way better.

Why is there a charge for shipping?

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While we were lucky for a long time to be able to provide free shipping on our products, shipping costs have increased to the point where we had to add a charge for smaller package sizes. We still are covering most of the shipping on smaller orders as well as offering free shipping to subscribers and orders over $50 (except in Alaska & Hawaii).


Where did the idea for HopTea come from?

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Dean and Andrew have been best friends since college. Dean was taking a month off drinking to try to lose some weight when they decided to meet at a bar. Dean realized how much he missed the flavor experience of a hoppy beer, just not the calories and alcohol that came with it. He imagined replacing the malt in beer with tea and the idea was born.

What is that bird?

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The Hoplark was inspired by the Colorado Meadowlarks Dean and Andrew encountered on their numerous hikes while they were creating HopTea. We gave it ridiculously long legs to signify breaking the mold of normal, extract ladened beverages and a movement forward towards health.


Who makes this stuff??

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We do! HopTea is made by us in our Boulder Colorado Brewery.

Is there alcohol in HopTea?

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Despite what it might taste like, there is no alcohol in HopTea. We do not use any fermentation in our brewing process so unlike kombucha, there is actually zero alcohol.

Do you use tea extracts?

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No, we use organic whole leaf tea and flowers, just like you might brew tea with at home. Yes, it costs more but we think it makes HopTea taste way better.

Does HopTea contain gluten?

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There is no grain of any kind in HopTea, so it is gluten free. We will be third party certified soon.

What about GMOs?

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No GMOs in here. We are Non-GMO Project Certified.

Do you use any clarifying agents that are animal based?

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No, we don't put anything in HopTea that isn't on the label, including clarifying agents of any kind. All of our SKUs are currently vegan, though we occasionally make a experimental batch containing honey. Third party vegan certification is coming soon.

Do your cans have a BPA lining?

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No, we spend more money to get BPA free cans because it is important to us too.

Which HopTeas are Whole30 Approved?

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The Really Hoppy One, The Green Tea One, The Calm One and The White Tea One are all certified Whole30 Approved® and compliant for the Whole30 program. Learn more at

Whole 30 Approved

Membership and Subscriptions

How do HopTea subscriptions work?

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When ordering HopTea, you have an option to start a subscription with 1, 2, or 4 week intervals between shipments. By logging into your account, you are able to modify your order, change or skip delivery dates, or cancel your subscription. 

Does subscribing make you a member?

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Yes! When you are an active subscriber you get access to the Member Shop page. Here you can buy additional cases of HopTea for 10% off, get merchandise for 20% off and occasionally get access to limited run HopTea.

How does the Limited Release Series Membership work?

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We are committed to giving our customers a new flavor experience every 4-6 weeks. When ordering a limited release flavor, you have the option to subscribe to a Limited Release Membership. This guarantees your spot in each future Limited Release batch. Each batch in the series will be an entirely new flavor. If you do nothing, you will automatically receive each batch, however we will send you an email several days before the order ships to give you a chance to skip or cancel your subscription.

Return Policy

What is your return policy?

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Hoplark HopTea is a craft product. As such, one may see slight variances between batches. We work our hardest to source the best ingredients to make the highest quality products for you to enjoy. Refunds or exchanges are not granted for matters of personal preference.

If you experience a quality issue with your order, please take a photo of or record the “Enjoy by Date” on the bottom of your can and send the issue and information to within 30 days of purchase. Depending on the issue, we will process either a refund or replacement of your product within 48 hours. 

If your order is damaged in transit or if the wrong order/quantity is received, please take a picture of the damaged/incorrect product and outer shipping box within 7 days of receipt and send to so that we may replace/refund the damaged/incorrect product. Please note that while we do our best to get your HopTea to you as safely as possible, minor denting may occur in transit and does not affect the quality of the product.


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