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Share Your Hop Joy: The Finalists, Meet Paula!

Hello Larkies!

Three more special Larkies to talk about, all coming at you this holiday week. I sincerely hope you love getting to know them as much as I have. First up is Paula!

Paula works as the Director of Technology at a small private school in NH. She lives in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with her wife, Heidi, and their two cats. Together they have more than 3,000 rubber stamps that they use in mail art swaps, card making, and artwork under @currigrew. Outside of her main passions, she  plays the drums, travels, brews hoppy beers and hop teas, creates art, and cooks. (Where does she find the time?!?!?!). During the pandemic, Paula and her sister created a social media presence called @RPMKitchen to stay connected and share recipes with the world.

This is what she had to say about what brings her joy:

I have two interests/hobbies in my life right now that I am super passionate about: making books and exchanging mail art. These art forms captivated me at the start of the pandemic, and I've been fascinated with them ever since. If I had to pick just one to stick with forever, it would definitely be making books. (@pac.provisions) There's just something about it that resonates with me deeply. From choosing the paper and thread to figuring out the cover material, every step is an adventure I love and appreciate. But my absolute favorite part? It's the moment when the book is finally complete, and I can hold it in my hands and truly appreciate everything about it. Deciding who to share it with, whether as a gift or donation, adds that extra layer of satisfaction for me. Witnessing the genuine appreciation from someone who receives one of my handmade books fills me with an incredible sense of fulfillment that words just can't describe. It's as if I possess a superpower in that moment; it feels that magical!

Additionally, Paula also is passionate about giving back.

She  frequently collaborates on art projects with her sister, Patti, an artist based in San Francisco (@nonarchivalstudio). Last year, Paula created journals and sketchbooks featuring Patti’s artwork for an art show, with proceeds donated to Creativity Explored, a non-profit that supports artists with developmental disabilities in creating, exhibiting, and selling their art (@creativityexplored). Their latest project involved printing Patti’s artwork onto fabric, transforming it into book cloth, and then creating books with it.

Paula also participates  in Bring Smiles to Seniors, a program dedicated to creating greeting cards that are sent to residents in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Anyone can participate and you can learn more at:

 I think I am exhausted just learning about all of the awesome things Paula does. Thank you so much, Paula!

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