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It's a Time to Focus, I am Working to Find the Positive



I was inspired to record this while hiking behind my house in Boulder after seeing Pike's Peak clearly 140 miles away through what is normally a Denver smog cloud. It brought me a moment of joy. Obviously this is a difficult time for everyone and a horribly tragic moment for many but I have been working over the past week to focus on these small moments of joy and how this change in my surroundings has helped me achieve things I was blind to a month ago, especially involving my health and my family. 

I would like to express my deep gratitude to my teammates who have kept our brewery rolling throughout this. Not only are they keeping production going but they are growing as a team and performing at the best level they have since our inception. I would like to thank the delivery and grocery team members who are working to keep food on the shelves and delivered safely. I have witnessed greatness and compassion in so many fun and unexpected places in the past month it is inspiring. 

I would also like to express my gratitude for your support for Hoplark throughout. I have been humbled by the outreach from our customers and the love we continue to receive for this fun, weird, and sometimes amazingly bizarre product and journey Andrew and I started almost 2 years ago. Thank you all and I wish you continued health and happiness.



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